Why Local

Here are a just a few of the many reasons why you should shop locally:

Local businesses circulate money locally

45 cents of every dollar spent at local businesses stays in the community, as opposed to 13 cents at other businesses.  If a local business owner has a great year, they might go out to more local restaurants.  If a chain or online business does well, they pay a marginally higher dividend to their stockholders.

Local businesses use local vendors

Local businesses tend to use other local businesses.  They buy their produce from nearby, they hire local vendors like web developers, accountants, handymen, architects, etc., who in turn use other local vendors.  Local stores often carry products made by local producers and artisans.  All this promotes local job creation.

Helps the environment

People can walk or bike to local businesses, whereas they often have to take cars to chain stores.  Online retailers and chains often source their products globally, making us reliant on the cheap oil that powers all those ships and trucks.  If/when cheap oil runs out and the big guys have defeated the little guys, we’re screwed.

Supports public services

Remember when that house burned down at Mission and Valencia in April?  Firefighters came and put it out.  They do what they do because of sales tax, which come from local businesses.  The big guys hire lots of people to figure out how to minimize their local tax burden, but local businesses pay their fair share.  This pays for police, firefighters, affordable health care for the uninsured and many other services.

Creates and preserves local character

Suburbs all look and feel sorta the same.  The same stores offer the same products, the same restaurants serve the same food.  Local businesses are more conscious of local tastes, hence the mole tofu burrito.