Volunteer! Sidewalk greening at 26th & Alabama Thurs & Fri

Friends of the Urban Forest is looking for volunteers to help plant some sidewalk gardens at 26th and Alabama on Thursday and possibly Friday. They might make like a tree and leave (high five!) if they have enough volunteers and might end up on a neighboring block. Email LiLo’s secretary at seth at livelocalcard dot com to find out where the team is when you want to volunteer. It’ll be a nice way to enjoy the crazy good weather we’ve been having and help beautify the neighborhood.

On a related note, do you know that ginormous, modern mansion at the corner of 25th and Alabama? One day LiLo was waddling by and saw a pile of human poo in the dirt right around the house. Some crude TP-substitutes were sprinkled liberally around the mound for effect. It stayed there for days. About a week later, the poo was gone and some spiky succulents filled the dirt. Not cactus-of-death style, but enough to dissuade stealth, neighborhood poo-ers.

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