Tomorrow: Save Live Music at Casa Sanchez

Casa Sanchez, a Mission icon for at least a thousand years, is fighting to keep Salsa Sundays alive. A cranky neighbor has issued noise complaints, called the cops, and taken his or her fight to City Hall.

Marta Sanchez, Casa Sanchez’s owner, brings in tons of local salsa bands to play on the back patio, and the margarita-drenched affairs are one of the best ways to spend a Sunday. The music is local, the Mexican food is great and the sun is (usually) shining. If noise is a concern for the neighbor, LiLo humbly suggests not living on 24th St.

There’s a hearing tomorrow (Tuesday, 1/10) at 6:30pm at City Hall. Marta is offering a free margarita to everyone who comes and testifies on behalf of Salsa Sundays. You can bet your ass LiLo will be there. Here’s the Facebook event page. I’ll let Marta explain in her own words after the jump.

“Hi Everybody. Please help me keep the musica alive at Casa Sanchez. We can’t afford to loose another business on the street we grew up on. Casa Sanchez has always been grass roots and we don’t want to close. If you’ve been here during our fiestas you know how positive Casa Sanchez to everyone.

Un feo sangron will be at the hearing protesting my permit for more live music. Fortunately it’s only one person but he’s hollering pretty loud.

There’s a meeting THIS TUESDAY with the Entertainment commission the place for us grass roots peoples. The hearing is at City Hall this Tuesday at 6:30. I need bodies to let them know how positive and good for the community our events have been.

I can also use letters in support of the musica. We’re at 2778 24th St. cross York. Or you can email them to I’ll print them out

I sooo appreciate your support. Let’s keep the good times going at Casa Sanchez. I had a feeling I would need to count on you guys for this help and I appreciate more than you know. Casa Sanchez represents our livlihood.

I almost forgot to mention, free margaritas to everyone i see on Tuesday.

Gracias a todos, Marta Sanchez”

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  1. Marty Sanchez, 6 years ago

    HI Seth you are a godsend!

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