The Bay Citizen Profiles LiLo and Friends

The Bay Citizen ran a nice profile on Live Local and other local alternatives to Groupon, Scoutmob, etc.  The story is really good, check it out:

“Different groups have different discount models. Live Local, whose mascot is a funky robot pigeon, is distributed as both a plastic (recycled, of course) card and mobile app that can be purchased for $20.

Once a user buys into the program, they receive small discounts at local businesses in the Mission, which the businesses get to dictate. Most go for a simple 10-15% off of the full purchase amount, although some opt for a flat discount.

Mazow, who has a background in non-profits and politics, launched with 16 businesses and now has 35 on board, including such neighborhood staples as La Victoria Bakery and Adobe Books. He calls Groupon “a one-night-stand” for their focus on the short-term deep discount, and aims to cultivate repeat business with what is essentially an updated version of the punch card.”

Read the rest.

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