“Still Here” 3.9 Collective Art Opening Tonight

The 3.9 Collective, a group of African American artists in SF have an art exhibit opening tonight at Sirron Norris’ studio. 3.9 is the percentage of African Americans in SF according to the last census, and the collective is showcasing work to demonstrate that they’re still here:

The word “black” recently has become all to synonymous with the act of vanishing, especially in San Francisco where the 2010 census revealed that the African American population has dropped to 3.9%. What does that mean for a city that prides itself on its cultural diversity when members of its population are no longer represented? The loss of a culture, the absence of differentiation, even the lack of a visual presence can be devastating to a community. With the exhibition entitled “Still Here”, San Francisco artists Nancy Cato, Rodney Ewing, Sirron Norris, William Rhodes, and Ron Moultrie Saunders have adopted this statistic and created a banner of support and defiance. The work they will be creating confronts this anomaly of absence by representing how at least one segment of the Black community is alive, and a integral part of San Francisco culture. The work may not stem the tide of the exodus, but to paraphrase the poet Dylan Thomas “We will not go quietly into that good night”.

Rocky Yazzie will be slinging his famous frybread, Kippy Marks will be performing, and refreshments will be served. Sirron redid his gallery to prep for the show, which is free. Check it out tonight from 6-9pm. Facebook invite.

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