Speesees is an adorable fair trade, organic line of hand crafted baby clothes.  The creator/owner, Rachel, is just about to welcome her first little one in a few weeks.

Speesees believes that babies are precious, and wrapping them in out-gassing crap made by unhappy children in sweatshops is bad juju.  So they go about things the right way.   The cotton is 100% Skal-certified organic, which means no pesticides or chemical fertilizers have been used in its cultivation.  Fabrics are treated with low-impact and herbal dyes, prints are made with pigments and PVC-free plastisols, and without dioxin and formaldehyde.  Their soft and durable cotton is long-staple (long fibers = no prickles) and extra comfy for kids.

Their Indian village factory is surrounded by an organic garden, and its limestone walls create an open, airy ambiance.  The factory is certified  SA8000, a social accountability standard for decent working conditions (including workplace safety, renumeration, fair working hours, no discrimination or child labor, etc).

Rachel designs most of the items herself, but she also features work by other local designers and artisans, including an in-house senior citizen / seamstress.  Head over to Speesees for some fair, fanciful threads, and get 10% off with your Live Local card.

10% off

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