San Francisco Buddhist Center

The San Francisco Buddhist Center is “dedicated to supporting the development of spiritual friendship among those who wish to experience the benefits of Buddhist practice and believe that it can make a constructive contribution to the modern world.” Located on the same block as the Mission Community Market, the SFBC is part of the Triranta Buddhist Community, and has a number of ordained men and women who guide classes, meditation sessions, retreats and more.

The SF Buddhist Center strives to make Buddhism accessible to the Mission.  They have a stunning meditation room, and a variety of classes on meditation and Buddhism aimed at both beginners and experts.  The staff, volunteers and community of the SF Buddhist Center are approachable, friendly folks, you won’t find ancient monks offering koans to n00bs.

If you’re one of those people who checks your iPhone every 15 seconds to see if you got an interesting text, perhaps you could use some meditation in your life.  Whether you really want to dive into the philosophy of the Buddha or you just want to learn how meditation can counteract the negative effects of uber-connected GOGOGO lifestyle, the SF Buddhist Center is a great place to explore.  Your Live Local card gets you 10% off all classes, check one out today.

10% off all classes


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