Room 4

Room 4 is like a little time capsule from the mid-late 20th century.  A charming store chock full of vintage furniture, cute shorts, paintings of old people, and a smattering (poor word choice?) of old school porn, Room 4 is a curated treasure chest.  David, the owner, is quite the connoisseur of intriguing items.  He used to be an architect, and his eye for design and culture is apparent everywhere you look.

Before Pride weekend, David stocked up on snazzy rainbow suspenders.  Around Christmas he’ll have odd holiday trinkets from yesteryear.  Who knows where David finds these treasures, but he plucks them from straight outta 1974 and into modern day Valencia street.

Stuff comes and goes frequently, so stop by to see what David has picked up recently.  Room 4 is a great place to get lost in.

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