Romantic Night With Your Honey at HMS Beekeeper

St. Valentine is the patron saint of bee keepers. To celebrate this interesting facet of an otherwise tired holiday, HMS Beekeeper is throwing an after dinner, drop-in celebration of honey. The store will be lit entirely by candlelight. We will have reasonably priced, locally-sourced honey and cheese tastings, DIY candle making with real beeswax and surreptitious mead drinking. There will be a demonstration bee colony (behind glass, don’t worry). Plus, meet Her Majesty’s chickens, including Henrietta Alpha’s new chick born on Thursday. Great for couples looking for something interesting to do after dinner, or single folks who don’t want to do the bar thing. Maybe you can find a new honey.

Valentine’s Day is fraught with cliches and expectations. Spend a lot of money on a fancy dinner and buy mediocre chocolates in a pink box just to meet expectations. That stuff is boring, do this instead (or after). Starts at 8:30 and goes until whenever, probably 11ish. Learn about bees, dip your own candles for late night merry-making, try lots of honey and cheese and get credit for coming up with something interesting to do for Valentine’s Day.

What: Honey and cheese tasting, mead drinking, DIY candle dipping and romantic mood making
When: 8:30pm – 11ish, 2/14
Where: HMS Beekeeper, 3520 20th St
Why: To put some romance into a cliched holiday.
Who: You, your honey and/or your future honey
Cost: Free. Honey and cheese tasting, candle making and mead all available for sale.

A HMS Beekeeper / Live Local Mission joint

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