Plaid Friday: The Local, Awesome Version Of Black Friday

Black Friday, that magical time of year when people leave their loved ones at hangover o’clock to line up at China’s distribution centers big box stores to trample one another in an effort to buy a bunch of crap.  LiLo is decidedly not a fan.  Big box stores hurt our communities economically and environmentally.

But if you’re down with the robot pigeon, you already know this.  So what to do?  Plaid Friday!

Plaid is the new black.  It’s funky and weird, and better reflects the Mission’s quirkiness.  Participating stores (including Live Local faves Room 4, Serendipity, Speesees and Weston Wear will high five anyone wearing plaid, and might even offer a discount.  The 35 Live Local businesses will be offering their usual discount, but lots of other local businesses will be joining the fun as well, check out the list.

Plaid Friday was started in Oakland, and has spread like viral wildfire.  It’s an awesome idea that helps our communities and local merchants.  So get up at a reasonable hour, bust out your grunge-era plaid shirt and cruise Valencia or 24th for the afternoon while middle America is stuck in a mall.  Support your local businesses and rock out.  Live Local is totally stoked to sponsor such an awesome event.

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