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Mission Comics and Art is an amazing comic book store.  Leef keeps the shelves stocked with an incredible variety of cool shit.  He has quality comics in every genre.  If you’re into comics, this is your Mecca.  If you want a suggestion, just name off a few of your favorite books or movies, and Leef will have a comic book that’ll hit your sweet spot.  And with the new graphic novel rental program, you can read more comics without spending as much money or running out of shelf space.

Recently, Laura (the owner of Ruby), came in looking for a particular Japanese comic that she liked.  Leef was out of the one she wanted, but asked her a few questions about her tastes.  She’s into food, so he introduced her to Chew, a comic set in a world where chicken is illegal and the protagonist sees psychic impressions from the food he eats.  By eating bits of corpses, he solves crime.  It’s a weird, offbeat, awesome story, and Laura never would have found it without Leef.

Mission Comics is also a loyal supporter of Mission artists.  Works by local artists are well marked, and Leef hosts events featuring their work, like the recent release party for the Comic Book Guide to the Mission.

Whether you’re looking for epics, fantasy, humor, graphic novels, heroes, villains or corpse-eating psychics, Mission Comics and Art will have something for you.  Leef will let you flip through his selection for hours on your own, or is happy to help point you in the right direction.

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  1. Comic Book Artist, 6 years ago

    I posted this page on my blog. Making plans to come see this store myself, soon. http://sweattshop-graphic-artist.blogspot.com/2012/01/mission-comics-art-on-live-local.html

       -   Reply

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