La Cocina

La Cocina is the most badass low income food entrepreneur incubator in the history of time. They provide industry-specific technical assistance & services and access to market opportunities to women of color and/or immigrants.  The idea is to help them grow their businesses and make them economically and operationally self -sufficient. Basically, they take “hidden entrepreneurs” who know how to cook and want to formalize their businesses, and teach them how to sustainably make a living selling their delights to a grateful public.

The regulatory hurdles faced by food entrepreneurs can best be described as “redonkulous”. La Cocina gives assistance to people so they can plow through these, develop a business plan and market their creations. When people can earn a living through selling delicious street food at low cost, we all win.

La Cocina has lots of public-facing events as well. They put on the famed Street Food Festival and have specialty cooking classes run by their program graduates like Chaac-Mool, El Huarache Loco and more. Use your Live Local card to get 10% off these classes, learn how to make something tasty, and support one of the Mission’s most innovative nonprofits.

10% off cooking classes

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