How to Rock the Street Food Festival

Here’s a couple last minute suggestions on how to rock the streetfood festival that will dominate the Mission today:

  1. GO EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t emphasize this one enough. Lines will be redonkulous by mid afternoon if not before. For those of you trying to drive to the Mission, don’t. Parking will be a nightmare. Biking is the preferred mode of transport, followed closely by jetpacking.
  2. Try new stuff. Lots of SF’s mobile food community will be there, and you know how good they are. But you can find them all the time. Use this opportunity to try something new.
  3. Find a respite. Things will get hectic. Get some food, and fine someplace to chill and eat it. A empty spot on the curb, Garfield Square park, or perhaps Kaleidoscope, which is having an open-door art market. They’ll have couches and such.
  4. Tequila blueberry parfait at the La Victoria booth. Just sayin’.

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