Her Majesty’s Secret Beekeeper

Her Majesty’s Secret Beekeeper is America’s only urban beekeeping store.  Inside, you’ll find a quirky selection of local honey, gourmet single source and infused honeys, pollen and propolis, locally made soap, candles, balms, lotions, as well as exceptional yet affordable beekeeping equipment.  Sample dozens of honey varietals, including some produced right here in the Mission while looking at their steampunk bee decor.

HMS Beekeeper has all the info you need to start and nourish a bee colony.  Your garden (and your neighbor’s) will thank you, and the delicious honey you produce will bolster your health and decrease allergies.  Unless you’re allergic to bees :).

The store just changed into new ownership, and the new crew is dedicated to creating a community resource.  They will offer classes in mead making, urban beekeeping, soap making and more.  They are quite knowledgeable about urban homesteading, and have supplies for gardening, chicken-rearing and other DIY activities.  Check it out.

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