HANGR 16 is a clothing boutique in the middle of the bustling area of 16th between Valencia and Guererro.  They have the largest selection of t-shirts in San Francisco, including LiLo’s favorite t-shirt EVAR.  Besides the obligatory ironic shirts, HANGR 16 has a full line of pants, dresses, hats, belts, jewelry and other accessories.

Except for a few favorites, they are pretty brutal about moving inventory in and out.  While it won’t allow you months to weigh splurging on that cute dress, it means that there’s always fresh, local designs coming through.  The staff is really helpful, and they frequently host free, alcohol-laden events that give you an excellent reason to check out the new offerings.

HANGR 16 certainly gets The Mission.  I mean, if they have a shirt with a taco riding a fixie while checking his (her?) iPhone while carrying a coffee and wearing a scarf. They stock lots of work by San Francisco designers, much of it made here in the city.  Stop by sometime, especially when they’re having one of their frequent parties :).

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