Gem & Jetsam

Gem & Jetsam showcases “local artists and artisans whose vision and creativity help us find the gems amid the flotsam and jetsam of our modern world.” Robot pigeons are pretty into jetsam and such, so LiLo is pretty stoked to welcome Gem and Jetsam to the Mission. They discover and sell cool little gems in the realms of vintage clothes, home decor, jewelry, art and accessories.

If you make stuff, contact them and see if they’ll stock your wares. If not, check out the shop and see what your neighbors have crafted. The three folks who run Gem & Jetsam are all artists and crafters themselves, and their passion is evident in their thoughtful little shop.

Gem & Jetsam wants to be more than just a place where you buy handcrafted items. They have crafting workshops, art openings and other community events to create a stronger bond between Mission artisans and residents.

Gem & Jetsam reflects the Mission’s creativity. Plus, their dog is awesome. Stop in and say hello.

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