Where is Live Local based?

The Mission!  International HQ is near 25th and Florida.

How is Live Local different from every other deal startup?

Instead of offering big deals good one time, we offer small discounts good all the time for a whole year.  This rewards you for coming into your favorite restaurants and stores frequently, and helps business owners reward their most loyal customers.  Also, we’re based in the Mission, not Chicago (Groupon), Atlanta (Scoutmob), or DC (Living Social).

How does the iPhone app work?

Download the free app from the app store.  It’s a pretty simple map and list of participating businesses (screenshots here).  If you want to use the app in lieu of the card, you can enter the code from the bottom of the card into the “Card” section of the app.  If you want to bypass the step of having a plastic card, you can buy the code here.

Where are the cards sold?

Right here.  Also at participating local businesses or nonprofits we’ve partnered with.  You’ll also see LiLo around at farmers’ markets, festivals, etc.

How long is the card good for?

One year.  If you buy a card in July 2011, it’s good through July 2012.

Which businesses are eligible to participate?

A Live Local business has to be in the Mission, HQ’d in the bay area, have less than 10 locations, and be awesome in the eyes of LiLo.

Why doesn’t _insert business here_  participate?

Ask them!  Tell the owner that you are likely to spend more money at the business and give the owner a solid high five if they join Live Local.

Don’t small businesses already have loyalty programs in the form of buy-10-get-1-free cards?

Yes, but we’re not huge fans of carrying lots of cards around for each business we frequent.  Live Local is one card good at lots of businesses.  Over ten purchases, 10% off ends being equal to buy-10-get-1-free, except you get the discount every time you use the Live Local card.

Why the robot pigeon?

Pigeons are the most common type of wildlife seen around the Mission.  They have an amazingly iridescent neck, and their melodic cooing pleases everybody from Mike Tyson to old people waiting for the 9 San Bruno.  They have an incredible ability to sense the Earth’s magnetic fields to guide their way home, much like the smell of burritos can guide the wayward Mission resident home.  The majestic creatures carry minimal risk of transferring diseases to humans, and are smart enough to beat Bert at checkers 20% of the time.  Most importantly, pigeons always know how to get home (awesome podcast).  And robots are just inherently awesome (no links necessary to prove that).

Why are the cards made out of recycled plastic instead of corn?

We thought about this one for a while, and came to the conclusion that the world’s arable land should be used for growing food, not stuff.  If everything was made out of corn (or soy or whatever), there would be a lot of habitat destruction due to a greater demand for crops, and the resulting rise in food prices would greatly affect the world’s poor.  Plus, common corn production uses an incredible amount of petroleum, so we’re not sure that making corn cards would use less petroleum and/or water than making plastic cards.  We’d love to hear your thoughts on this though, we’re not set in stone.

Does Live Local partner with local nonprofits like mine?

Yes! Drop us a line and let’s see how we can work together.  Unless your nonprofit is like the Westboro church or something.

How local is Live Local?

Pretty local.  Seth’s neighbor Roberto Hernandez, helps run Carnaval and has some sweet wheels.  Live Local’s revenue ends up spread liberally among the Mission’s taquerias, Rainbow Grocery, bike shops, book stores and mobile food folks.

Live Local uses Mission-based vendors as much as possible.  All the graphic design is by Sirron Norris (25th and Valencia), the web design is by Nicole Hanusek (16th and Florida).  Even the plastic card displays were purchased from TAP Plastics (13th and Van Ness, barely outside the Mission).

Will you expand to other neighborhoods?

The Mission is home, we’re pretty focused here right now.