Eyedare Optometric

Do you spend too much time staring at a computer screen?  Do you strain your eyes to see if that person across the park is a member of the sex you like to sex with?  You probably need glasses / sunglasses!  Or if you’re like 99% people in the Mission, you need less-ironic, better glasses.

Eyedare Optometric is at the corner of 16th and Guerrero, near lots of fun places to eat and drink.  Dr. Quan, one of two resident optometrists, specializes in managing computer vision problems.  You know, the kind you get from spending too much time in front of a computer screen.  You wouldn’t happen to know anyone who does that, would you?

Apart from the friendly demeanor and professional skill of Drs. Quan and Chang, Eyedare Optometric has a really cool collection of old school optometry machinery and African masks, so you don’t have to flip through crappy magazines while waiting for your appointment.  Actually, they have a pretty awesome and current magazine selection.  All the more reason to check Eyedare out.

15% off private pay customers (those w/o insurance)

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