Dynamo Donuts

Dynamo Donuts has the best donuts in the world.  There I said it.  You’d be annoyed at my arrogance if, in this one instance, I wasn’t completely right.

Dynamo brings the creativity and deliciousness of the crafty foodie world to the most blue collar of treats: the mighty donut.  Sara, the owner, uses organic and local ingredients wherever possible.  And the flavors boggle the mind: candied orange blossom, chocolate rose geranium hazelnut, meyer lemon huckleberry, bacon maple apple, etc.  Tasting these or any of the 30 or so flavors is liable to make your mouth explode into a galaxy of sprinkles and delight.

The garden and patio out back is one of the best in the Mission, for some reason sunny days seem sunnier back there.  There’s no better place to be on a Sunday morning.

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