Elvis’ Death Anniversary

LiLo is a big fan of The King, and mourned the 34th anniversary of his death today. He checked out a number of Live Local businesses to see what they had that paid respect to Elvis.

Adobe Bookshop had a number of books about Elvis that while tattered, might shed some light on his tortured life.

Room 4 had an Elvis tie and a record of Elvis doing gospel songs. Elvis didn’t live a terribly pious life and succumbed to a fair bit of temptation, but this is San Francisco, we’re not so concerned about such things. I bet the record is fantastic though. Chris at Explorist International has been bugging me to get a record player and I’ve been resisting, bu Elvis doing gospel might compel me to break down and get one.

Mission Comics and Art was my last stop, and it didn’t disappoint. Leef had a comic book series about an Elvis in the desert who defeats evildoers, and a long graphic novel about an Elvis impersonator in Vegas who gets a little too close to the truth behind the legend


I’m sure there were other Elvis nods elsewhere in the Mission that I couldn’t find today. Perhaps you can find them and use them in your Elvis shrine/altar for your remembrance. LiLo will make a deep fried peanut butter and banana sandwich, grow some sweet sideburns and do some sweet karate.

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