Claudia Kussano Jewelry

Claudia Kussano brings her appreciation of the rhythms of nature to her work as a jewelry designer.  Her designs are organically inspired.  She usually works in silver, gold and other metals.  She studied and taught art in her native Brazil, and brings the flavor of her native land to her unique jewelry shop on Guerrero at 18th.

The mystique of the natural world guides her lines of jewelry: sprout, petal, twig, fern, dew drop, eucalyptus, pod, leaf, etc.  If you like her work and are looking for a custom design, Claudia is happy to work with you to make something that merges her skills with your vision.  Dudes, when it’s time to put a ring on it but your lady isn’t into the bling, check out Claudia’s engagement-ring-heavy 5-star Yelp rating and go to Claudia.  Ladies, casually walk by on your way to Dolores Park and start dropping hints.


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