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Artists Moving combines something the Mission loves (art) with something the Mission hates (moving). Let’s face it: moving reeeeeally sucks. The next time you need to move into a new apartment or office, let Artists Moving deal with the backache headache and help support the arts.

Artists Moving has over $3 million in general liability, so you can trust them with your important stuff. They do residential and office moving as well as home staging. They have a (biodiesel!) truck and a number of artists/movers who have navigated the city’s narrowest stairwells. Bottom line: these guys are pros.

Besides being pro movers, they are talented artists and cool guys. Which other moving company has links to the artwork of the movers on their website? They convert a truck into a mobile art gallery and display their works at the Oakland Art Murmur. How rad is that?

In LiLo’s world, affording movers is a luxury akin to flying in personal jets and eating sushi off of naked people. But now that Artists Moving offers a 10% discount, one of the biggest hassles in LiLo’s life might be at an end.

Check out Tom and the rest of the gang at Artists Moving. Support the Mission art scene and make your life easier.

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