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Support local businesses in the Mission, and get discounts all year long with the Live Local card or iPhone app. Also good for one free "don't poop on my stuff please" pass, accepted with participating pigeons.

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It's the size of a credit card, but unlike a credit card, it helps local businesses. Free bike delivery anywhere in the Mission, or $2 to cover shipping and handling anywhere else. If you get an iPhone later, you can use the code on the back of card to activate the "Card" part of the free mobile app.

Get the iPhone app

If you have an iPhone and don't want to carry a plastic card around, download the free iPhone app from the App Store (Android coming soon). It's a map and list of participating Live Local businesses. To use the mobile app in lieu of the card, purchase a code below. Once you pay, return to Live Local after paying to get your code. Enter it into your app in the "Card" section and you're good to go. Press the "Card" button and show the person behind the cash register that your card is valid and they'll give you the discount. Althought the app and code work on both iPhones and iPads, each code only works on one device, so choose which one you carry around with you more (probably your iPhone).

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